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Work Progressing, Earth being Moved in Fast Nature as $2.5M Project at The Bridge Aims for Spring Finish

October 18, 2021
After years of work, it opened this summer. Since that time, members pile in daily to a building that cost tens of millions of dollars to complete.
While the main building of The Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex – The Bridge – is finished, work on the property continues. In fact, substantial work to the tune of roughly $2.5 million is taking place right now.
“That is the lighting and outdoor FieldTurf project that was part of the master plan that we’re able to move ahead with thanks to the sales tax money earmarked for the whole complex,” said Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth. “We’ve had some surplus funds set aside for the project and workers are really moving because the good weather and the site was build ready.”
The first part of the work is complete as far as putting up lighting. Shuttleworth said a deal was signed with Musco Lighting – the contractor that has done many city lighting projects including those at the outdoor portion of the complete – to install state-of-the-art LED field lights.
“They are energy efficient lights, and they also have light show capabilities,” said Shuttleworth. “The design and the plans were done in conjunction with the company and Droo Callahan (The Bridge General Manager) to make sure we got something that will provide multiple benefits.”
The same group worked together on the outdoor FieldTurf project. Shuttleworth said the particular artificial surface field will actually be larger than Jamison Field and, working with Callahan and others, believes it will meet multiple needs.
“It can handle football, soccer, lacrosse and as we’ve talked about the design include a baseball field on corner of the field being built,” said Shuttleworth. “There will be netting and dugouts as part of it and it adds another dimension. We’re looking to maximize the utilization of the facility.”
For those who pull into the parking lot, they can probably only see a fraction of the work taking place as access behind the building is restricted. However, earth moving is taking place in a frenzy as contractors have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm October weather.
“FieldTurf is the general contractor and they and the subcontractors are moving as fast as they can,” said Shuttleworth. Ideally, the plan is for a spring finish with weather from fall through winter a wild card on the actual finish time,” Shuttleworth said.
As for the lights, as noted they are already in place. Shuttleworth said due to the trenching needed to run utilities that was taken care of first. However, he said wire needs to be pulled through conduit and service needs to be set up. He does not anticipate there being any issues with that portion of the project.
Editor's Note: Contractors are shown busy at work last week in the area directly behind The Bridge where the new outdoor FieldTurf complex will be put in place.