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Millions of Dollars in Earth Work for City's New Indoor Rec Complex Set to Start Pending Council Approval

June 08, 2018
When the budgeting process for the earthwork needed to get the Bridgeport Recreation Complex saw discussion started, Bridgeport Mayor Andy Lang said their consultants gave a rough estimate. From that number, they began planning on the budgeting end of things.
“The number thrown out by the engineer (Civil Environmental Consultants – CEC) was right around $3.8 million for the earthwork,” said Lang. “It looks like they were on top of it.”
The numbers certainly back that up. On Tuesday, bids were opened for the multi-million dollar earth work project at the Bridgeport Municipal Complex. Six companies bid on the project and all six – upon initial review – met the minimum bid requirements.
The low bid was $3,593,675 by Green River Group. The bid was followed by Kanawha Stone ($3,719,923.60), Bear Contracting ($3,788,547), All Construction ($3,789,615), Wolfe Excavating ($3,823,077.26), and Preston Contractors ($3,945,653). The difference between the high and low bid was $350,000 with the difference between the others much closer.
Lang said the close bids show the engineer and the contractors all saw the same thing. Lang, who has handled multiple business deals over the years on the bidding front, said seeing six bids on a project of that magnitude being so close it unique.
“Having bids that close is a rarity,” said Lang.
The bids will now be formally reviewed and a recommendation is expected to be given at Monday’s Bridgeport City Council meeting for approval. The low, responsible bidder – barring something unforeseen – is awarded the contract. The entire earth moving project is pending on Council’s approval and will also include a 10 percent contingency. It is important to note that bids have only been received and are being reviewed and that no contract has been signed.
Lang said the city opted to bid the earthwork separate from the work on the facility itself. He said earth work can begin in the very near future if approval on the recommended bid is given.
“The main thing is that this is the right time of the year to move dirt, which is the whole goal to let the contract by itself,” said Lang. The summer and fall months are the best time to get this done and earth work and construction are two different industries. This way, those doing the earth work can go in there and get it done without any worry about what is going on with the planning for the building.”
Lang said the earth work should be essentially completed by late 2018. He said the city anticipated letting the contract to begin construction on the new indoor recreation building sometime in January of 2019 with actual construction starting in as early as March or as late as April.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Mayor Andy Lang, while the Bridgeport Recreation Complex sign along State Route 131 is shown below.