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Mayor Lang: City Council Looks to Purchase Acreage at Recreation Complex for Additional Development

December 08, 2017
As Bridgeport moves forward with its indoor recreation complex, City Council will look to take the first step of doing something to make sure that once it’s finished the possibility to do more is realistic.
On Monday, Council will be asked to take the steps to acquire roughly 25 acres from Ann’s Run Limited Liability Company (Genesis Partners) at the Charles Pointe development. The city’s governing body will also be asked to approve additional acreage that will be provided “in kind” that will add roughly 15 more acres.
“This will allow us to maximize the full potential of the facility into the future,” said Bridgeport Mayor Andy Lang. “We may not use all the land, but we won’t be landlocked in the future if we’re able to grow into the future. Our intention is to eventually take advantage of this land.”
To acquire the property will require a resolution allowing Lang to enter into a contract of sale for the 25 acres. Council will also need to pass an ordinance on first reading to make it possible.
The item was added to Council’s agenda on Thursday. Monday’s meeting will begin at 7 p.m. with a 6:15 p.m. work session.
Lang said the property is adjacent to the site where the indoor recreation complex will be built. He added that it is also across the road from the existing Bridgeport Recreation Complex that houses the outdoor ball field and multi-use fields.  
“This will all be part of the master plan for the entire complex,” said Lang.
Lang said the lead architect for the entire project, Omni Associates, will be on hand laying out what could possibly be utilized on the acreage. He said, at this point, the items that will be shown are proposals and concepts and haven’t been finalized.
“Now that we know we’ll have additional land, we can begin that process as well,” said Lang.
The mechanism to purchase the land will be a familiar one. Lang said the city will be using the 1 percent sales tax that is funding the entire indoor recreation complex component to handle the land acquisition.
Monday’s meeting is at the Bridgeport Municipal Complex.