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Major Projects Continue at The Bridge as Contractors to Put Finishing Touches on Near $500,000 Effort

November 12, 2021
Tournaments are going strong. Individuals locally and from afar shows up daily to use it. And even more events are being planned for the future.
While all of that is taking place inside The Bridge Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex, even more activity is taking place outside. Along with the ongoing outdoor turf project behind the main building, another project is essentially finished.
Recently, an additional parking lot that was part of the initial plan was put in place. Last week, contractors put the finishing touches of asphalt down prior to the striping that needs to be done.
“The parking lot was part of the original design, but with a project as big as this you have budget concerns, so it was decided to hold that off until the end to see if the funding was available,” said Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth. “As it turned out at the end, we had plenty of surplus funds to cover it.”
The project was done through a change order with general contractor A.M. Higley. Higley then subbed the project out.
As for the location, it is actually closer to the first ball fields at the outdoor portion of the Bridgeport Recreation Complex than the new indoor facility, although it is located on the indoor building’s side of the road. The new lot is situated to the far right of the main building’s entrance and directly across the roadway entrance to the outdoor facility.
“What this does is provides overflow parking, basically, to either side of the road up there for larger events,” said Shuttleworth. “When you have an event like National Night Out or where we’re working on bringing back cross country events with a planned course, you’ll have crowds where that will definitely be used.”
The project, by no means, was a small one. With 130 new parking spaces, lighting and drainage required, along with prepping the site, it was $415,000 and up to $456,763 with the contingency fee added, according to Bridgeport City Engineer Beth Fox
Anderson Excavating did the work as the subcontractor.
Editor's Note: Photos show workers laying the asphalt recently.