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Indoor Rec Complex Direction at Stake: Bid Opening for City's Multi-Million Dollar Building Now May 10

May 02, 2019
Editor's Note: City officials have informed Connect-Bridgeport this morning that the bid date has been pushed back to May 10 at 2 p.m. due to issues several contractors have discussed with the architect.
After years of planning and finally publicly announcing what components are hoped to make up the multi-million dollar Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Recreation Facility, seeing if planning and dollars match up to provide what officials want to be included will have a clearer answer soon.
At 2 p.m. Friday (now May 10), Bridgeport Mayor Andy Lang said bids for the building are due and will be opened at 2 p.m. Bid openings are open to the public.
Once the bids are opened, City Council members and those involved in the process will have a much better picture of whether they can accomplish everything planned for, have to cut back and perhaps even do some items planned for the future earlier.
Everything depends on where the bids come in. The bids, which is for the building itself, will be in the tens of millions of dollars, said Lang.
“We’re going to know if we can build everything we want for the money we have available,” said Lang. “Of course, we want everything that we have proposed. That was the idea of our planning and estimating. It’s always tough to know what’s going to happen with bids when you’re dealing with a project of this size.”
Lang said the worst-case scenario is if the bids are way above what was projected for the building, the parking lot and the bricks and mortar of the facility. If that happens, some changes may be forthcoming.
“You could be looking on cutting back on square footage and if you do that you are talking about cutting back on programming and eventually revenues you are able to produce,” said Lang. “We’re hoping for the best.”
Already, $15 million of the project is in play. That involves the ongoing earth moving and excavation, engineering, the land acquisition, legal fees, furniture acquisition and a laundry list of other items to get the site ready for construction, said Lang.
That money is covered through the 1 percent B&O sales tax that went into place July 1 of 2016. The city enacted the sales tax as part of their Home Rule designation. The sales tax will also be used to pay off the debt from the eventual building of the indoor complex.
Editor's Note: Earth work was going in full force Wednesday at the Bridgeport Recreation Complex site.