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Fifth Annual Junior Varsity Baseball Challenge Set for Harrison County Scrapped Due to Weather Woes

May 05, 2017
The Fifth Annual Junior Varsity Baseball Challenge that was bringing in more than 100 athletes into Bridgeport and Clarksburg today and tomorrow has been canceled, organizer Robert “Bobby” Marra confirmed.
The event, which featured 12 teams from both the local area as well as far away and even out of state, was going to be played in Bridgeport at the high school field and also at the Bridgeport Recreation Complex. Frank Loria Field in Clarksburg was also being used as a site for the first time to allow for the field to be increased to the largest size in five years.
Weather woes were the culprit for the cancelation.
“We made the decision at about 9:15 a.m. after we talked to all three representatives from the three fields and locations,” said Marra. “The problem isn’t the weather now, but rather the overnight rain and the rain that is being forecasted for later this afternoon and evening along with a 90 percent chance of rain Saturday.”
Had the tournament just featured area teams Marra said they may have made a go of it if only local teams. However, with clubs traveling from Jefferson and Brooke, and even Pennsylvania, he said it wouldn’t be fair to bring them down only to have to cancel it thin.
“That is what forces you to make a judgement call. Last night didn’t help and the forecast isn’t promising so that led to us canceling it,” he said.
This is the first time in the tournament’s history the entire event has been canceled. Last year, games were scrapped on Friday, but the entire tournament was made up on Saturday.
“We’ll try again next year and see what happens,” said Marra.