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Council Likely to Consider Contract Valued at Tens of Thousands of Dollars for The Bridge on Monday

March 19, 2021
More proof that The Bridge Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex is getting closer to the finish line could be part of City Council’s upcoming agenda.
As part of the governing body’s meeting set for 7 p.m. Monday, Council will likely be asked to approve a contract for video display boards at The Bridge. Barring any issues that came up late this week with the bid process, Council will consider the item.
The addition to the facility will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. It is an item already budgeted as part of the near $50 million project as part of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) portion of the contract.
The contract will be with Reach Media for $47,890 with a 10 percent contingency for $52,679. The FF&E budget for this was at $150,000.
“The displays are interactive video screens throughout the building,” said Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth. “You can find anything on them from announcements to schedules along with menu boards that provide all the information you need to know.”
The video display boards are similar to the ones Connect-Bridgeport has at locations throughout the city at places such as Meadowbrook Mall, the United Hospital Center, and the Bridgeport Municipal Complex. It differs in that the displays comes with software that allows you to change the message on each individual unit.
“They’re similar to those; like flat screen TVs,” said Shuttleworth. “They will be located throughout the building. I believe there are roughly 20 of them and it will be the information source for those in the building. We won’t have to put up posters and it will be the way we will be communicating in the most convenient manner.”
The item is part of a relatively light agenda with big impact. The biggest item is the approval of the Fiscal Year 2021-22 general fund budget (as well as the coal severance budget). Finance Director Monica Musgrave said the budget this year is north of $18.3 million.
The only other item is a temporary pay increase for city employees for COVID risk. The pay period will run from April 2, 2021 to April 15, 2021 to be paid on April 23. The payment would be $750 for certified public safety personnel (police and fire), full-time general fund and utility employees would be $500, and part-time employees will be based on hours worked or $250. The temporary increase ends at the April 15 date mentioned.
The meeting includes a 6:15 work session. City Manager Randy Wetmore said it will be in executive session.
There are no other items on the agenda. The meeting will include a report from Wetmore and Mayor Andy Lang.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth addressing Council at a recent meeting, while workers are shown putting together parts of The Bridge. Photos by Ben Queen Photography..