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Council Approves Nearly Quarter of a Million Dollars to Ensure Ground Under Rec Complex Pool Area Secure

March 16, 2020
As work progresses in lighting fashion at the Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex, city officials have been working just as fast to address issues as they arrive on the project that exceeds $40 million.
Such was the case last Monday during the Bridgeport City Council meeting. During the work session    prior to the regular meeting of Council, City Engineer Beth Fox and City Manager Randy Wetmore discussed the need for up to $225,000 in additional funding to permanently address a problem area that was discovered earlier this year.
During a previous Council meeting, the city’s governing body was told the contractor – Albert M. (A.M.) Higley Company out of Pittsburgh – found an issued during the excavation work. The discovery was a massive coal seam that led to the need for the change order that was approved to allow for the walls in that area to be put into place on a stable foundation.
Since that time, there has been discussion on making certain the entire area will be stable with no future issues. The area in question is where the indoor pool area is going to be located.
Fox discussed, and provided written information, on what was being done to assure no problems would be in the future due to the coal and pyritic shale that needed to be removed. The suggestion was to utilize flowable fill (lean concrete) to backfill the hole that would be created during the over-excavation of the material.
To do this properly, however, requires an additional removal of five feet of subbase beyond what Council approved up to $200,000 at the Jan. 27 meeting for earlier over-excavation.

“(This will) encompass the entire square footage of the pool,” Fox wrote. “The over-excavation has extended down further than originally expected as well, which has incurred more cost.”
The cost, with contingency, is nearly a quarter of a million dollars. And it was approved unanimously.
“Believe me, this cost has the potential of saving a lot (of money) in the future,” said Fox.
The request is for up to $196,000 with a contingency of $29,000. That would bring the total overrun up to just under $397,000 if all costs are incurred and the contingency money is not utilized and up to the $425,000 range if the contingency is needed.
“We want to make sure this is a one-time thing,” City Manager Randy Wetmore said at the March 9 City Council meeting.  
Editor's Note: Top pand bottom photos show nighttime excavation work taking place, while City Engineer Beth Fox and City Manager Randy Wetmore listen to questions at last week's City Council work session.