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Change Order for $65,000-Plus in Front of Council to Allow for New Indoor Recreation Complex Additions

January 08, 2021
Bridgeport City Council’s Monday meeting will see the majority of those involved attending in a virtual format. And on the official business front, most of the action will be light.
The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. with a 6 p.m. work session. City Manager Randy Wetmore said he will be attendance and anticipates Mayor Andy Lang to be at the Bridgeport Municipal Complex as well.
They will facilitate the meeting. The pair will also be there in the event anyone wishes to address the city’s governing body during the public forum portion of the meeting.
The agenda has two items of new business that are not standard. The main one involves a change order from the general contractor for The Bridgeport Sports Complex, the city’s $50 million indoor sports and recreation facility being built off Route 131.
The change order request is for $65,753.66. The money will be used for electrical work as well as some plumbing.
“The majority of that is related to electrical issues,” said Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth.
For those concerned the change order is a budget drain or the result of unexpected costs, Shuttleworth said. In fact, the costs are related primarily to additional work done as the result of saving money in other areas.
“Some of the design changes, things we’ve altered as we’ve went along through the bidding process, have come in under budget and allowed us to do other things,” said Shuttleworth.
When asked about a specific project where savings in other areas allowed something planned to happen later, Shuttleworth said batting cages have been installed. He said some of the dollars on the electrical side are paying for that.
“The electrical work for that involves conduit needed for the power for the lifts on the screens for the cages,” said Shuttleworth. “It’s those types of things that this change order will address as well as changes in the design of the concession stand and the electrical components needed to meet the design changes. There are others as well.”
Where was the money saved that allowed for this change order? Shuttleworth pointed to the FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) portion of the project. The items under that portion of the project have been bid out individually and has allowed savings.
“Myself, working with (consultant) Sports Facility Management, have been working off the FFE budget for purchases and we’ve saved money there,” said Shuttleworth, who regularly reports savings in this area at Council meetings. “We’re significantly under budget thanks to this. We’ve saved a great deal of money to allow for this change to order to essentially have no impact on the overall budget of the project. Even with some of the changes we’ve made, including this change order, we’re still under budget.”
The only other business item needing action is for Council to act on the Bridgeport Development Authority’s recommendation to approve a Façade Improvement Grant for the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill on Main Street. The exterior work is part of a roughly $130,000 project. You can read about that HERE.
Prior to the regular meeting, there will be a 6 p.m. work session. Wetmore said it will likely focus on the status of The Bridge Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex.
Along with the public forum, there will be reports by Lang and Wetmore. There are also items allowing for budget revisions and authorizations (although none are currently planned), and further discussion on The Bridge if official action is needed beyond the change order.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows an aerial view of work being done late last year on The Bridge, while Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth is shown below.