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Calendar Extension of Month and a Half for General Contractor of The Bridge to be Considered by Council

March 08, 2021
As has been the case for months, the meeting of Bridgeport City Council will be dominated by business involving The Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex. And one of the items has the potential to push back the timeline.
It is part of tonight's 7 p.m. City Council meeting. There is a work session set for 6 p.m.
Council will be asked to act on a 45 calendar-day time extension to the general contractor for the project, Albert M. Higley out of Cleveland. City Manager Randy Wetmore said, as one may expect, issues during the past year with COVID-19 is a big reason for the extension.
Wetmore said the date for completion would be moved to May 7.
“In the memo I received from (City Engineer) Beth Fox it explains the effect from COVID and following the CDC guidelines that primarily hurt the subcontractors with staffing levels,” said Wetmore. “Those impacts were felt weeks a time.”
Wetmore said it could possibly put the date of opening back further than hoped, but that if things continue as they are now it will still open in the rough time frame discussed. June has been mentioned occasionally, but “summer of 2021” has been what has been the main point of discussion.
“We’ve really only talked in general terms about an opening date, but we’re still hoping for June or July,” said Wetmore. “It is certainly very possible.
“Through this whole project we wanted to stay on time but do everything right from the construction part to make sure if changes were made it would be done right to provide a safe structure lasting a long time,” he continued. “It’s the same with the opening. When we open the facility, it will be the right time to open it in an enjoyable and safe manner.”
Two items that were pushed back from the last meeting involving The Bridge are back on the agenda this week. The biggest item is for “retainage recovery” for the general contractor Albert M. Higley out of Cleveland for $1,690,000.68.  City Engineer Beth Fox said that is the repayment of 5 percent of the retainage that is held on the project.
Fox said “the project contract has a total of 10 percent retainage (withholding) of the total amount of work performed up to a certain percent complete.  Once that threshold of completion, usually 50 percent, is met, then 5 percent of the retainage is distributed back to the contractor.  The City will continue from this point to retain 5 percent of the cost until the full completion of the project.  Once all punch list items are complete, and taxes have been paid, the City releases the final 5 percent of the retainage to the contractor.”
The other items are a change order for up to $150,000 for Terradon Corporation of Nitro. They are the construction management and special inspection services entity overseeing the general contractor to make sure work is being followed to specifications.
The matter was presented at the Feb. 8 meeting of Council but was not approved. Council members, in particular Dustin Vincent and Robert “Bob” Greer, wanted more details relating to the change and the need for more services above what was already spelled out in the contract. Greer made the motion at the Feb. 22 meeting to have it included on this agenda.
Another unfinished item of business involving The Bridge will be approval of the rate structure. The revised rate structure with changes for seniors can be found HERE
For those wanting to know about the membership levels, they can click HERE for the information.
The early bird rates, which will be announced soon, will only be available on a one-time basis
The early bird rates, which will be announced soon, will only be available on a one-time basis.
Council will be looking at acting on an “Automatic Aid Agreement for Fire Protection and Other Emergency Services” with Clarksburg, according to the agenda. Chief Phil Hart said it is essentially a mutual aid agreement similar to what Bridgeport has in place with multiple volunteer fire departments in the county and region.
“It will be for assistance primarily for structure fires if we have one or they have one,” said Hart, who said Clarksburg Council has already signed off on it. “We can also assist with major accidents in areas along (Route) 50 and (Interstate) 79. This is a big plus having the ability to get more people to respond.”
Another key item involves approving a contract with J.F. Allen Company in the amount of $615,689.55 plus a 10 percent contingency fee of $61,568.96 for a total of $677,258.51 for the 2021 milling and resurfacing of asphalt streets project.
Council will also look to consider and act on reappointing Rodney Kidd to the Planning Commission. The term would be for three years. Kidd is the current president of the Commission.
The meeting is open to the public. The work session is also open, said Wetmore, and not in executive session.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows work being done on The Bridge, while City Manager Randy Wetmore and City Engineer Beth Fox are shown in the next two photos, respectively.