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Already Seeing Use, Work Continues on New Youth Fields at Far End of Bridgeport Recreation Complex

May 05, 2017
It’s not perfect just yet, but it’s getting there. And even though it’s not completely done, it’s already being used.
The new youth fields at the Bridgeport Recreation Complex that were done to help replace the c-ball and t-ball fields that are no longer available due to the planned soon-to-start construction of a new Johnson Elementary School are seeing action, according to Joe Shuttleworth.
“Teams have been playing for a few weeks now,” said Shuttleworth, Bridgeport Parks and Recreation’s deputy director.
As the action is taking place and as the city’s needs for other issues by the P&R staff is required prior to the arrival of seasonal help such as mowing grass and getting the city pool ready, they’re still getting things done at the new fields.  The most recent work is the near completion of four dugouts for the two fields.
“The work is just about finished with the roofing on the dugouts as the sheeting is down and the metal roofing was being put in place,” said Shuttleworth. “The staff has been working on the dugout roofs for about a week and a half as the weather permits and as we have time, but they’re making progress.
“For any field with dugouts, roofs are priority,” he continued. “No one wants a kid to get hit in the head with a baseball, which is why we’re doing everything we can to find the time to get this completed.”
Shuttleworth was expecting the bulk of the dugout work to be done this week with one fairly big exception. The floors have to be finished.
“That’s likely the last big thing involved with this. The city’s concrete crew is finishing up a few jobs, but once they’re done this is what they’ll be working on,” said Shuttleworth. “In the meantime, there’s a gravel-based floor so it’s not bad.”
Shuttleworth said work will continue on the two new youth fields in the weeks and months ahead. He said additional amenities will be added in the days ahead. That will go nicely with the new fields, the fencing and the dugouts that are finishing up.
“You’ll see amenities such as trash cans that are similar to the other fields eventually in place and you’ll see trim work that is more decorative added to the dugouts,” said Shuttleworth. “It looks good now even though it’s not up to our normal stands, but it’s going to look better and be to our standard as soon as possible.”