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Near $300,000 Project Complete at City Rec Complex

November 16, 2017
Late last month, a City of Bridgeport project approaching nearly $300,000 was completed and there probably haven’t been too many people to take notice. The good news is that a whole lot of people will notice when the weather gets warm again.
According to Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Don Burton, the installation of new lights at the still relatively new youth baseball and softball fields, as well as the multi-use field frequently utilized for youth soccer, became operations in late October.
“They are up and working,” said Burton. “We hope the t-ball, c-ball, soccer teams, softball and other youth programs or groups utilizing the field enjoy the new system.”
The light system is from Musco Lighting. Musco Lighting is used throughout the Bridgeport Recreation Complex and at Bridgeport City Park. The city opted to go with Musco for more than the 25-year warranty that comes with it. The system is set up so that organizations that utilize the playing fields when they lights are on pay for the use of the lights.
Burton said youth organizations and other groups utilizing the field like the setup. Organizations that have permission to use the fields call an 800 number, provides a user name and password, and the lights turn on and off and then the organization is charged for the exact amount of usage.
Musco will also return to fix lights that burn out or ballasts that are damaged. The company, however, did not install the lights. That work was contracted to Mountain State Electrical.
The new lighting system includes five poles. One of the poles with the new lights provides much-needed lighting for the parking lot.
“Right now, the parking lot light is the only one that is working. We’re actually working to adjust the lighting on that particular unit,” said Burton. “Once the weather breaks next year, everyone will get a chance to see the entire system and it’s a really nice addition to the complex.”
The new youth fields became operational this past year, which helped youth sports tremendously. In particular, the baseball fields helped ease the sting of losing the long-time youth fields at the construction site of the new Johnson Elementary School.
“We hosted dozens of activities, from games and practices, on those fields this past year,” said Burton. “We expect that to increase as the lighting will allow for programs to play a little bit later and to extend seasons with lighting for evening games. That’s an option not available before.”
Like other Musco projects, Burton said this one was a turn-key operation.