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Bridgeport Recreation Complex is the perfect place for tournaments or games at any level. It's a beautiful facility that's conveniently located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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Calendar Extension of Month and a Half for General Contractor of The Bridge to be Considered by Council

As has been the case for months, the meeting of Bridgeport City Council will be dominated by business involving The Br... More

National Publication Says "The Bridge" Complex One of 15 New Venues to Watch in United States in 2021

A national publication that has been in place for nearly a quarter of a century – Sports Travel Magazine –... More

Rate System Revision for The Bridge Rec Complex to Benefit Seniors Part of Special City Council Session

When the City of Bridgeport announced the rates for The Bridge Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex, they were pleasantly... More

Photos: Progress, Construction Going Full Throttle at The Bridge Recreation Complex as Opening Nears

Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth provided a tour of The Bridge Sports and Recreation Complex last... More

Key Staff for "The Bridge" Complex Coming Together as Council Introduced to Hires, including BHS Alum

When The Bridge opens its doors on the $50 million indoor sports and recreation complex in the city, it will be staffe... More


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